Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Relax, Recover and Rest with Nuun

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Afternoon Speed Work in the SC Summer, of course!
As a runner, I have a lot of strong qualities. I can write a training plan like nobody's business. If I say I will meet you to run, you better the heck believe I will be there. I am the first person to say "Yes" to running a stupid number of miles if you need long run company. Cross training? I'm at Burn Boot Camp at 5:30 am pretty much every weekday morning. Pushing 100 degrees out? Lace up and let's go. Speed work? Hills? The more the better. I am willing to put in the work.

But where my true weakness lies is in an area that is just as important as putting in the work, REST

I suck at resting. I took a rest day this past Sunday because I honesty could not remember the last time that I had not either run or gone to Burn and when I woke up I felt like I had been beaten in the night. So I begrudgingly took the day off on Sunday, and totally felt guilty the whole day. And when it came time to go to bed, I just couldn't relax. I was so restless I ended up getting a crap night's sleep which lead to a crap day on Monday. Moral of the story - I should have had some Nuun Rest as a part of my bedtime routine! 

Nuun Rest, What's That?

I'm glad you asked. You may have heard of Nuun before. It is the go to hydration supplement for many a runner. It's awesome stuff that I've used for years. Basically flavorful drink tablets packed with electrolytes and other great things (depending on the type - vitamins. minerals, caffeine and other great things to keep you hydrated and performing your best). 

Recently Nuun introduced a new product to their line up, Nuun Rest, which is designed to help aid in recovery, rest and relaxation - all the things I suck at. So yeah, when given the chance to try it out, I was 100% in. Here are some basic facts about it:

  • Nuun Rest is meant for recovery. It is NOT an electrolyte replacement like other Nuun varieties.
  • The key components in Nuun Rest are Magnesium and Tart Cherry juice which help aid in recovery.
  • Since this is a rest/recovery product it really helps with sleep...that means it also can 
    make you sleepy.
  • Due to Nuun Rest’s high levels of magnesium (300mg) only 1 serving per day is recommended.
  • 1 tablet = 10 calories & 1g of sugar. Contains no artificial sweeteners and Non-GMO verified ingredients.
  • Nuun Rest should be mixed with a smaller amount of water than other Nuun products. It is recommended to mix with 4-6 oz of water instead of 16 oz like the electrolyte Nuun products. (I mix mine with warm water, it not only helps it dissolve faster, but also adds to the calming effect I think.
  • Comes in two calming flavors: Blackberry Vanilla and Lemon Chamomile.
For more information from the Nuun website - check out their blog post here: https://nuunlife.com/blogs/news/introducing-nuun-rest

So Does it Work?

I've used Nuun Rest several times now as a part of my bedtime routine. I mix with warm water in a mug and drink it about 30 minutes or so before I hit the bed. I love the taste of both the Blackberry Vanilla and the Lemon Chamomile, but think I like the Lemon Chamomile a bit more - it is very tart and refreshing. I've used it the night before a race to help calm pre-race jitters and have used it on nights when I've had a stressful day to help me relax. I do really feel that it helps me to get sleepy and unwind better. I will continue to use it, especially on the days that I find I need a little extra help slipping into relaxation mode.

Want to try it for yourself? You can order Nuun Rest from the Nuun website here: 
https://nuunlife.com/ and use discount code "HYDRATEBIBPRO" for 20% off your purchase. (Excluding subscription options and bundles. Good through 10/31)

Cheers to a good night's rest!

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