Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Do You Like Pina Colada and Running Long in the Rain? - New UCAN Pineapple Edge Review

I received a pair of a variety of UCAN products including the new UCAN Edge Pineapple as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

I started using UCAN products when I was training for my first marathon back in 2018. They have no sugar which can cause spikes and crashes in energy and instead use a corn based starchy base that delivers a consistent source of energy. When I was doing super long runs, I would mix up some of the Energy Powder (Cran-Raz was my favorite) with 10 oz of water, drink before my run and be good to go for like 10-12 miles. 

When I first heard about the Edge Fuel to Go gels, I decided to try those as well since I had such good results with the Energy Powder. Not only did they also have no sugar and use the same LIVSTEADY base (though back then it was called SuperStarch) but these were gels that you didn't need to chase with a bunch of water after. They are best when consumed 30 minutes before your run (or any exercise really) and then again after about 60 minutes if your workout is longer than 90 minutes. 

When I first started using UCAN Edge gels, there were 2 flavors, Orange and Strawberry Banana with Orange being my favorite.

Well, I am sorry Orange, you are gonna have to move over because Pineapple has just been introduced and it is SO GOOD! They taste like summer. Like sipping from a Pina Colada on the beach. Seriously, they are crazy yummy. I was given an awesome opportunity to share some with my friends at the Fleet Feet Running Club Open House to kick off their Fall Training season and everyone who tried them loved them. I opened one up and gave small samples on spoons for people to try the taste and every single person who tried it took a full pack to use on their next run. A couple even opened them right up to use for that evening's workout! 

Would you like to try a sample?...

"Heck Yeah" said Hannah!

My girl Terri here busted straight into hers and then ran 3 miles

The whole team had a fun time trying out the Pineapple flavor! I know it is going to be my go to flavor going forward for sure! 

UCAN also has Energy Bars which I am a bit sad to have not known about until very recently. See in the past I have eaten random energy bars prior to a race or run so when I learned about UCAN Energy Bars it seemed like a no-brainer to have one of them instead of whatever I randomly grabbed at the store since I clearly do well with their other products. Well I am happy to report that I am just as pleased with their Energy Bars as I am their other products. Cherry Berry Almond is my favorite flavor and they also have Salted Peanut Butter and  Chocolate Almond Butter. I recently gave them the ultimate test eating one before my last 10K and yay, all was well both energy and gastrointestinal wise. They are also really good as mid-day snacks to help curb hunger cravings. They have no added sugar and are also made with the LIVSTEADY base. 

So, do you want in on this yumminess? You can order your own UCAN products on their website at and use discount code: BIBRAVE25 - to get 25% off your order (no bundles or subscriptions) good thru 10/9/2022.

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