Friday, May 28, 2021

Run to Escape: Pantheon Party Edition

 I received entry into the Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Check out to read and write race reviews.

I told you I would report back when I completed the entire Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus running experience, so true to my word here I am. Missed the first part of this adventure, catch up here:

But to catch you up to speed for now, here's a quick overview of just what Run to Escape is all about. First off, let me get the biggest misconception out of the way... This is NOT a virtual race. This is something entirely new!

Virtual Races are SO 2020

So then what is it? Run to Escape is the first of its kind, fun and challenging running experience that pairs fitness with escape room style puzzles to unlock 6 challenges progressing through an interesting and engaging storyline to help the goddess Atalanta join the Olympian Pantheon. So it's not something you just sign up for, do one run and are just done with, but instead it is 6 challenges, each different as far as distances and what kind of puzzle solving skills you need to progress through the story. 

Each challenge is presented to you live while you are running through audio messages which really help to make the miles fly by. But also, you don't have to worry about missing anything important while you run as you will have an email from Hermes for each challenge with the puzzle to solve and also links where you can replay the audio at your leisure. Get stumped? Now worries there either, Hermes also gives you some links to hints if you need them. Each hint gives a bit more info and the final one has the answer just in case you are really really stuck. 

Atalanta, the goddess you're helping
So here's basically how it goes (spoliler free version). You register and an email will arrive from Hermes inviting you on your first challenge. He'll give you the details of what you are trying to accomplish, you are tasked with helping the Greek goddess Atalanta, the goddess of running to become the 13th Olympian and take a seat on Mt. Olympus. The current 12 Olympians are making her complete challenges to prove her worth, and she has chosen a mortal (you) to help her complete 6 challenges from Olympians who would deny her bid. Each of these 6 Olympians, challenge you to run a certain distance (I am being vague because your first challenge is to discover your first run distance, but each run is between 5K and 10K). 

Aftershokz, yo
These runs are powered by the RunKeeper App and there is a link in your email to add the race to the app. To run your distance, simply open the app, choose the Explore option and choose the challenge. On the next screen that comes up, make sure you toggle the Race Mode Audio button so you download the audio for the run. To make sure you can clearly hear the audio during your run, I recommend using headphones. I further recommend Aftershokz Bone Conducting headphone so you can be safe by hearing both your audio cues and your surrounds. Then tap Track Race Now and head out. Within the first minute, you will hear the voice of the god or goddess that challenged you speaking to you. They will keep you entertained on your run, give you clues and explain their puzzle. Each run has 4 audio sections spread out over the run. 

When you finish your run, it's back to your email to solve the puzzle. Think basic logic puzzles, or the kind of things that you would encounter in an Escape Room. Gain, don't stress too hard as if you need some help there is help available. Also, you will be invited to a Slack discussion board where you can discuss the challenge with others who are participating as well. Each challenge has an In Progress board and a Completed board so you can avoid spoilers.

So yeah, that is basically the process. You can kind of go at your own pace, and do your runs whenever is most convenient for you. You will know the distance of your next run before you set out so you can plan your runs (super key for me). Want to finish all in one week, you can. Want to do one run per week, no problem. I finished the whole quest in just under 2 weeks cause I'm impatient. 

I mean, look at these prizes!! 
In addition to the fun, immersive storyline and experience, the mortals who embark on this quest will have lots of opportunities to win really cool prizes from Run to Escape partners like Aftershokz, Knockaround, BibRave, RunKeeper and others. Every week someone who is registered will win a pair of Afershokz, a pair f Knockaround sunglasses and a truly epic pair of gold and white Adidas sneakers. 

And once you complete all of the challenges you get invited by Zeus to attend an epic Pantheon Party where each of the 6 gods and goddesses who challenged you awards you with goodies such as music playlists, godly recipes and partner brand discounts. Plus, finishers are also eligible to win the same prizes as above! It's more like a Prize Party than a Pantheon Party! 

To embark on this awesome new running experience, register here: I have a discount code to sweeten the deal. Use code BIBRAVE10 to save 10% off your entry. 

Still a bit unsure? I get it, new things can be scary. Well, since I've completed the challenges, feel free to AMA: ASK ME ANYTHING!! (Except spoilers, though I may be open to sending you ar few hints). Also, RtE has a very flexible refund policy if you try it and decide it’s not for you. So why not try something new for once?

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