Thursday, February 18, 2021

Phase 2 of Recovery... Delayed 1 Week

Yesterday I had an appointment with the doctor who performed my knee surgery. Since I had gone through the process before I know the deal.

4 days after surgery, remove the bandages myself - ✅
10 days after surgery, go in to get the stitches out and get to finally unlock the brace - ✅
4 weeks after surgery, go in and get the clear to remove the brace and walk again - ❌

Wait, what?

Instead of getting sprung from the brace, I have to wear it another week. That is 5 weeks of leg brace for those counting. I guess there was a bit of good news still. Now I can now walk on the leg but I have to keep the brace on it and locked straight when I do. 

The doctor said that this knee was so much worse than the other so he wants me to ease into it more slowly. He then pulled out a knee model just to show me how large the bone spur he sawed out was (a couple inches) and how it was digging a groove into bone underneath (which he tried to fill) every time I took a step. And then glared at me and said “And you were running with it”.

The being able to put weight on does make it a lot easier to do stuff, so I’m thankful for that. And I can drive now. I am also still able to start PT on Friday as I had planned, I just have to be patient a little bit longer as far as getting out there and really moving again. On the bright side I guess that’s one more week for it to warm up before I have to really get out there, so bright side. 

So yeah, yesterday wasn't a great day. TBH I took it pretty hard which involved sitting on the couch (in my brace) and eating about a half a bag of popcorn. But today is a new day, so I put my "big girl pants" back on this morning and focusing on moving forward. I am still focused on rebuilding, it just got delayed a week. 

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