Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Running Horror Story- The Tale of Ultra Chafing 😱

Disclaimer: I received Handful’s The Closer Bra to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Gather round close kids, for I am about to tell you a horror story. But don't worry, this one has a happy ending. It's about one of the most scariest things that can happen to a female runner... CHAFING FROM YOUR SPORTS BRA!!!! /cue dramatic scream 😱😱

Let's go back to the beginning shall we. Once upon a time (like 3 months ago actually), I had a super crazy idea that I was going to run an Ultra. I wrote a blog post about it here: It's a long, sad story, but I will summarize - I trained a lot, in the cold of winter, for lots and lots of hard trail miles, and ultimately, the Ultra was cancelled due to a massive storm. /cue sad noises 😢😢

Here I am about 6 miles in, all layered up with
the race's namesake Millstone
So before the cancelling happened, however, came the story that I came to tell you today. I'll set the scene for you. I'm planning to spend long hours in the woods, in the cold, running hard technical trails. I need water for my run. I need warmth for my run. Meeting this will require many, many layers (did I mention, I'm a Southern girl who HATES being cold?). So I'm all geared up - on top I've got a sports bra, base layer, jacket, vest and hydration pack on. And I do my 21 mile run. And it is long and sweaty (I do end up tying the jacket around my waist at one point). 

And as I'm running, I start to feel, something. Something on my shoulders isn't quite right. It feels pinchy. And itchy. And just wrong. You ladies know what I am talking about I bet. I adjust as I run, but I suspect that I am in for a world of hurt later. 

Smiling cause I'm done with 21 miles
Gritting my teeth a bit, cause OW!
So I finish my LOOOOOOONG run. And I'm feeling accomplished. But by now, I know that I am chafed. And not just a little. But I'm completely sweaty and starting to cool down in the cold and need to get into a hot shower before I start to loose feeling in my fingers. There is no delaying the SHOWER OF PAIN!!

I remove my clothes. Yup, there are large red welts on my shoulders, one much worst than the other. I turn on the hot water. I take a deep breath knowing what is about to happen, and step into the shower...

So yeah, on January 29th around 1 pm, if you heard a strange high pitched noise that you couldn't identify, but made every dog in the neighborhood stop for a moment, that was probably my scream of the shower water hitting my sweaty, chafed shoulders. The pain was the worst chafing I had ever had in my time as a runner. It was insane. I cursed the entire shower. There was some sobbing. My shoulders were not just red, they were welted and bloodied. Afterwards, I took that sports bra from out of the laundry and threw it into the trash. I am not even kidding.

This was taken 2 days later. 😭

Luckily... I had just ordered a brand new Handful Closer Bra which boasts having - "Smooth, non-chafing, quick-dry fabric"- from the Handful website. And even luckier it arrived the next day, because I'll be honest, I was a bit terrified to run again with my shoulders, and since I'm doing a daily running challenge, I couldn't wait it out to heal up. So on went my Handful bra and off I went on the road.

Same gear, same trails, different result!
No chafing AT ALL
And like I said, HAPPY ENDING, it worked like a charm! It was supportive, comfortable and not only no chafing, but no pain on my already pained shoulders. I've worn it for every long run I've had since (plus a few other activities like Boot Camp classes and a 2 hour Self Defense Class).

So if you do not want to end up like poor me and take the world's most painful shower, you should try out a Handful Closer Bra for yourself. Or any of their other bras, all of which have the chafe-free bands. Some of my other BibRave Pro Sisters have tried out the Y-Backs and have all reported good things. I've even have a 20% off discount code to share for a bit of added incentive, if not fearing the shower isn't quite enough. Use code BIBRAVE20 on the website.


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  2. That’s the scariest story I have ever read! I love my Handful bras! They are life savers!
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  3. The dreaded shower chafe! Omg it's the worst. Happened to me after my first full but under my arms not shoulders. Still it's something I never want to experience again and thanks to Handful, I won't have to!