Sunday, August 18, 2019

My New Safety Sidekick - RoadID Sidekick

Disclaimer: I received an RoadID Sidkick ID to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

2nd Disclaimer - I've been a loyal RoadID fan/customer for almost 5 years now. As someone who does a lot of their runs alone and sometimes at dusk/dark, I am a big fan of anything that can help make me safer. When I first heard about RoadID I thought it was a great idea. Heaven forbid, anything did happen to me while I was out and about, it gave a way to contact my family. I bought myself a Slim ID the same week that I first heard of them. And then I bought several others for other friends and family members for holidays as well. Cause I'm that girl - the one who yells "CAR UP" and makes people run on the correct side of the road, and who makes sure you have your contact information handy. 

My Classic Wrist ID
Over the years I purchased a few other RoadID styles. The second ID I purchased was the more classic Wrist ID. This was because (and I am not proud of this) because I actually lost my Slim ID. See, I didn't wear it all the time, just when running so I had a bad habit of forgetting where I left it. I then purchased the Shoe ID thinking it would be better to just leave it attached to my shoe - which worked great, except that I rotate shoes and never seemed to rotate the Shoe ID. Back my tag went onto the Wrist ID, which I kept better track of, but still didn't always remember to grab.

Enter, the Sidekick ID. Y'all I feel like this was made just for me. The Sidekick just slides right onto your Garmin band and boom, it's always with you. At first, I was a bit worried that it would be bulky and I wouldn't always want to have it on, but I've worn it for a month now and never once take it off my watch band. And I wear my watch constantly (except when charging) even to bed - I use my Garmin as my alarm - and never once did I notice the ID on it. It ALWAYS has me covered!

There are a couple of other little things I wanted to mention about my RoadID that I love. One of which is that I just love the customer service that they offer. I know they are a big company, and in the grand scheme of things, I am just a single customer (though admittedly a loyal and repeat one), but they do not make you feel that way. When I placed my order, I received personalized update emails throughout the process of making and shipping out my RoadID. They were super cute and I really appreciate being kept in the loop like that. The ID came with a card telling me about the guy who actually made my ID, further personalizing the process and then a few weeks after, I got a follow up email asking how I liked my purchase. I also received a $10 off coupon to share, which I did with another local runner.
One of the adorable emails I received during the order process
I also love how you can customize your RoadID in a few different ways. I added 2 lines of inspiration on to my ID. The bottom two lines read - Keep Moving and Just Breathe. These phrases are ones that I try to keep focused on when things are tough, be it for a run or just life in general. I love having them always right there to remind me.

Another way I customized mine is by adding 2 cute little badges. RoadID has a ton to choose from, and I have a heart (to remind me I really do love this) and one that says "run" (because, well duh!).

My whole order - Sidekick, extra strap, and 2 badges.

So yeah, RoadID helps to keep you safe by providing vital information in case of an emergency, is super cute and now so convenient, what is not to love? But seriously, I recommend any runner to have one. And even non-runners, anyone can benefit from having a RoadID. Heck, they even make ones for you pets!! 

You can get one for your self and save 20% off your RoadiD purchase by going to the following link:

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