Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Marathon Training Update: Week 6 with the #262Squad

"Disclaimer: I received access to the AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience on Motigo to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!"

Well, I am officially on Week 6 of my Tobacco Road Marathon Training using the Aftershokz and BibRave #262Squad Marathon Training Plan powered by Motigo. And so far, so good. I haven't actually gotten into unfamiliar distances as I am still in the base building portion of the program, but so far, everything has been going quite smoothly. 

The first few weeks saw me putting in very familiar distances. So far my longest run on this plan has been 10 miles while my longest run ever is 15. Well technically, I did a Half Marathon one week, so that was really my longest run in the training thus far, but that was me overachieving a bit, not the plan. What I love about this plan is that I have been able to modify it to fit my needs, so when the random race does pop up (like it did last weekend) I feel like I can easily swap out workouts.  
Successful Half, with a new PR for my friend of the right!
For example, last week, when I ran the Huntersville Half, was supposed to be my cut-back week where I drop down from 10 miles to just 6 for my long run. Instead, I switched it up a week and used last weekend as my cut-back week. I also didn't race the Half, but instead paced a friend, so as not to overexert during training. This week I will jump back into 12 miles, which again for me is not a new distance, so I feel pretty confident playing around with the schedule a bit. 

Here's what the actual workout looks like -
Each entry includes distance, tips and # of messages
As for the actual audio recordings that I get to experience during the run, I've been loving them. The recordings come every few miles, at least once per week, during the long run, but on occasion I have had a recording during my Thursday training as well. These recordings have been everything from tips about practicing nutrition during the run, to fun stories that the trainers share to keep the mood light and fun. Some even give me tips while in the moment, like urging me to sprinkle in some strides throughout the run. Each message is preceded by a tone that allows me to turn up the volume if need be so I can hear more clearly if I have my Aftershokz turned down for whatever reason, like when I'm chatting while running. 

All in all, I have been very thankful that I have gotten to experience this training plan. Marathon training can be pretty lonely if you are on your own. For some reason, unless they are in training as well, no one else really jumps at the opportunity to join you for a 20 mile run, lol. But sharing my training on socials and being a part of the #262Squad I am able to connect with others going through the same challenges, even if they are not physically with me. Also, seeing the success that Kim Fassetta recently had completing the same program for her first ever marathon - the Honolulu Marathon 2 weeks ago has given me a huge boost of confidence. You can read more about her journey here - https://aftershokz.com/blogs/news/join-me-in-hawaii-for-my-first-marathon 

If your are considering your first marathon, and are interested in checking out the AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience, you can find out more by heading over to their website here - https://262squad.aftershokz.com/. The plan only costs $34.99 but the #262squad Marathon Training Experience is FREE with the purchase of Trekz Air or Trekz Titanium headphones!! It is perfect for training for your first Marathon, or any Marathon.

Or, if you'd like to join me specifically at the Tobacco Road Marathon, you can register here: http://www.tobaccoroadmarathon.com/ and use discount code:  trmrave19 for $20 off your marathon or half marathon registration.

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