Tuesday, May 2, 2017

For the Love of Oofos

My Project Pink Oofos. <3
This is a long overdue post that I have been meaning to make. About a month ago, I received via a contest on Twitter during a #BibChat, a free pair of Oofos Recovery Sandals. Let me just get this out of the way, THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS THAT I'VE EVER PUT ON MY FEET!! EVER!!

Okay, you can see I am excited about them. And I am feeling guilty that I haven't posted earlier, but ya'll let me tell you, go and get yourself some now if you are a runner. Previous to being amazingly gifted these flip flops that were sent from above, I was developing a nasty case of plantar fascitis in my left foot. I was keeping it at bay with stretching, but could feel it creeping up after each run. Now I have these bad boys to cradle my arches and the pain pretty much as disappeared. These shoes are no joke. I ran a crazy tough half marathon last weekend and smart me packed my Oofos in my race day bag. I'm not even kidding, I crossed the finish line, got my medal, and went straight to my car to change. My calves were starting to cramp up on the walk over and the moment I put them on, I felt my feet and legs relax.
No shame. Wore them right up on the podium.

Anyway, just wanted to extend a huge thank you to both BibRave and Oofos for gifting me these little clouds to walk on. I wish I could wear them at all times. I am planning to get myself a pair of the slide sandals so I can wear them with socks (yeah, gonna be that girl) too.

If you've ever been considering recovery footwear, seriously, you should. Check them out here- https://www.oofos.com. Also, be sure to join me and other awesome people in the running community each Tuesday evening at 9 pm (EST) for #BibChat on Twitter to chat about running topics and for chances to win awesome sponsor prizes. Just log on to your Twitter and follow BibRave - https://twitter.com/BibRave to find out more.

How about you? Any specialty footwear that you are all excited about? Love your shoes? Tell me about them.

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